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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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enpresidant's plnc iludesin hirg0 23newkg bacdrounck chends a ea cr bting a fudgetor iginvestatators theatf. id presament obvea deliarrs remks wat theouhite hsse thirn moing, inoutlg insplan i hedsnten to ttakeo teacklun g vnciolee ouwithont csigresonal appr.oval at he top tf oeth stliing, a urmeasque regirinng chae aed feral acprivley ru toee kp peeoplh witme hntalhealt reristioctnsm fro esposs singnsgu. >> s thi n isotoi gngo t solve every vntioleme cri in this uncoy.trit 't wonve prevent erys mas sh .ooting ilit wlen potlytial save lives. ep >> r iorter:t isn'tit sting ll we withun g rsowne. wa>> it s alst ain,ll great
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sleader at onee time havak ten gunsayaw t,ort sta colontr linge th thha's whit ts is all ab out. ep >> rr:ortegu some von adcates gr disaee. >>'t i don o thinkur unfoding sfather m evereantha tult shod an me s thateduspect orterrists n cathget heir oandsn guns. >> or rep tter:sshe iue iso als vi di cdingdaandi vtesying for e the whithouse.>> m i ay ver pedleassi pre dent a obam bwilleak ting anction i e th wnextoreek two.>> sh it n'ouldtur sepris usha ttin in the fal o yearf his es prcyidenes, probident ama is co d mmittetonu contiing tobu ase ehisxecutive power. >> te reporrer: anpublics in co ssngre a are lreadyenthreatingto e tak up thete matr wthith e e supremcourt. itthe whe e housinmaintas the ur measldes wouhs wittand any le galalchlenge. e thenpresidst say theseps ste e ar tkounsushlnd asi const withe tham2nd t.endmenth iley wl bed teste inon csgres d anfor a tevo. gulan-reted ksstocov med hi hegher af ad othe pntreside's
4:03 am instsor eecxpthe tew nsl wil me an a quickke spi in gun sales tbefore rhe newulesre a pl imd.emente ks stoc ofth smind a wesson ju mped nearly 6% andep rcaublin enpresid ctialdiantedaon dd al tr p umwiis blo ongff cnarimil of hi ts newv ad. e tht firs foneor him. rtit sta is airncomeow ia today. inhe tad , aar fat ree toral tksou abp't trumlas pno tbuild a wa ollthn beorderh wit mexico s tolltop iegal grimmin.atio c thenyompa video s shownsdoze of e peoplamstregin ac wross hat mpis io lied tbe the. u.s bo .rder 's it allctuayid veo fromor moccoin ca afri. um trysp sa,t' thas reirntleva. >> t thajuwas idst v eofoe,otag spa di olayhaf w oturou cntry isgo toing k loo like.we l're aikehi trdld wor un cotry. 'r wedue a gmpinou gr snd,o you n cattake iy anywaou y el's mery a diofsplay ha wt a du mpg in igroundsng goio t lkoo . like or>> repruter: toemp dt s no e believdethe vio is eamisl.ding > >>ewin nmp hae,shirl bil
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e therformsi predent wasak ming fihis srstoloea apprance on ha behilf of s we'ifs mpcaaign. she nays aothingbouthe t gop rufront hinner wleak m tinghe se cais for h . wife>> n i dootie belven i my fe li atimedynybo g has foneor j thistob a aom ment of great rtimpo wanceasho wte betr al qud ifieknby dgowlee, riexpe aencendem tmeperant too dwh eeat no ds tbe done nowo t re storeosprtyperi. nt>> clison say hisif we rsoffe b theestla pn toto resre riprospety.> >>r,so faer fed lalaw of cifihaals adve m neoe mov to roconf gnt a oroupfte prosters inoccupyilg a wed lifse prerve n in oouthe grnd. ou ab pt 20errotestavs heen tak ov er therv preseute abo 300 le mioms fr ponrtla t. -gantienovernmnst demos tratorsa yy the want toea hr fmro defe ralcioffialshi witn four ys da.
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or>> repheter: t t grouphat ze sisd thina natio wlild life fu re igee enasternre ogone gav lfitseam a ne to day. >>iz citens for citonstnautiol ee fr dom.>> or rep tter: lheirdeear and r othero pstestereg ban their ar cumed oconpatiur satday for the rcreincaioeratn of two ra rsnche.ra rsnche . w >>vee haot a l w ofork to wi un nd thecountunstialtiond lan satrannsctiot thahaveak ten ac plree he. >> or rep tter:hahe dsmmon ch d eckeback into pnrisoer aft afe lderage juder ordedhe ty have t noer sved a eafive-yr muminim t onroheir pypertt thaspread to rn govelament nd. ey the wer cctonvieder und an -tantirierrosm law. y>> m uncndle a my csiounre a th e rtfahesthi tngm fro or terrists. ep >> r torter:ilhe famy cedistansed themlves fromhe t es prott.nd mohtay nigad nay hh enougfor theeroccupis. he>> tmm haondse havne turd em th selvesin. imit's te for you t loeaveur o mm co unity. r >>r:eportest proteayers s the oc ticupason ir biggehethan t onhammds.
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ey th say theer fedoval genernmt ha ens bes per lkuthand rsowne he ren ithean ld for s.year >> or rep tter:wehey isre dngputi ilandn 2014 thatne turd t.violenam addy buns say heas ho n te inn ntiosiof ungio velenc ai age nst th,policeut be hs i ng askirs othe j tooin his e.caus bs "cew n" s,rnbus, . oregon in mi the ,d-west rdecor se gttinod floingt tha erovran st the s . loui lareaweast ek is ngmovi south.e thathigh wlaer cozimed d oensfho dmes an ssbusinees.te war connuties toe risn i ut so ihernsllinoi whereev lies e ar sateturad. cioffi walsarn of aan dusgero li caiafornol, fks are gngetti careedllor f el noniuc-inded msstort tha lined upve or the mi sissisppi. at weashercjater ckie johnson of lo our les anges nstatio says ly nearnt the eesire wtoa cst wi ell bac imptedy bhe t seever r.weathe >
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ev hoery evme, t.ery ca e'therdys a tifo cats .r that .> >>aga tric andea ddlyus bir fe isthor mngnin ith nor ernincha. at amvieur deo creaptu tsheus b gu en ilfedn esflam. re fitefighutrs p t outhe firen ite nun mites, but 14eo ppleer we ll kinded ae mor 3thaner0 we d.injure ca the uuse isndernv itiestigaon p as aolice resegarchin for a t.suspec>> ll> weox, fs newr anchoyn meg ke lly opens up abouton dald tr d ump ananthe mbe dubd the newha jindi joh t makeshe adhenelis t onorhe m nningewsnd sta t. wa onshingtre post oportsn itbrdiain's l smissaof a new de viomo fr .isis e primstminier damavid ceron ca thlls roe terror gup new emessager despate.
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ki ns te bionsenetwe sulenni-d saudi ia arab and shy t-righruled iran.>> > theai dly mail s,report a licaiafornan wom cfrond ontea bustarorcks wkerho weg alledly st heole rre ctdid car fo iniormatn. w >>e gotou yn oer cama eryestday. so you $1ld 2. kyou tnow chesop areom cuping he re. t >>anhe womay sshe t 19 r--yea colderashiie copd her ildeta ss whenhee camhr tghou ivthe drhre t ooughn n yewr'eas y. da t inidhe vsheo, eit admted using oit t buy $212n i ocgreries. sheas hin sce been refid. an d y"vanit "fairle profi is th months i oneg manel kly him
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o wo bhereefor chlauningis h es pralidenti bid.e shtsrecoun in inprepar sg,he es quedtionmp tru onat negive ma reherks ad's mare towds n.wome > >>still ahea ad, faceokbo ss meagyoe for gun ce mokarke zucerrbg urencoages gi torls mb eracehe tirt tex size.> >> tela tr,heop c csapture the me mont ais msingl girouis fnd .safe. e. alovefit t rssttae. d i wouly liquef itthand bat.e in i e cursu,yook brodesi
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's> herek a loodaat toy's re foncast i someit ciesro a und e th uncotry. ar >> mk ckzu'serberg rioesolutn iso tdbuiln art alificia in igtellthent eim ht tha ro cont els hisentir. homean me iwhile,er'm dettomined pgive uts swee.we 'real basicly thee sam rspeon. >>cabasilly. he on t cbs "mtconeywaeh" mor m fromark zrbuckeerg talking rd ney tong yous ladie and ra genersl moto a makes n st invenment i an uber varil. t firshewill tke martit jters th katicked off 2016 ntcoinue?ll jine kwagr ist ahe tor new yk exstock wchangeatith th and mo re. od go mnior,ng . jill or>> rep gter:moood rning, aranne-mocie, st iksn asia edremain a lowerfteres yayterd'see spd losses t.ha singha
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a dayer aft dgroppin 7% remember n' japas nick xpea droplfd ha a pe rcent. onst wall reethe t d fowlung 276in po wts t. borstlock in two s weekt.&p sis finhed 31 dae naslq fel 104 po.intswe vell o2%r . t jceusti de mepartsnt ing sui agvolkswon aoverin cheat g on tho has t doit wh thein cheatg ut comp sereoftwarta ins olledn 60 00,00se diersl cand a kstruc. agvolkswcton's anvions idolve po n.llutio sw volkanagon c f faceines in ex fcess o $18 iobilln. >> >er genotal morss iin takng o srideceervi erub. ey th stinveed in uberri dver lyft. i it ls the iargestn aer svice ye t.e thrspartneanhips c euaventlly ad le to and-deman self d riving
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llinitia cy, itanea mn lyftan c nt re gm hivecles. d ane advic yforoung mewon, om frbo faceokeo ck mar erzuck.bergbe thenerd. n' doatt de zu werbergmmas co oenting an fpostarom nd graermothho w im hploredaner grghddauoter t te daer a nhad thtt mign tur out e to bxtthe ne bezuckerrg. sheays girlsha tttr sive to be nethe esxt invtor face a gender ba imlance. f atkaceboo seven outf o ten eeemploys are men. hebe trd ne. good. advice exstock , changeyothank u.>> d> ahea oncb "ths misniorng,"th fe fasticood pre warts hea up .it l seemsikecd msonald'nd a rgbuerin kofg feowr lt cos comboal mes. bu ext up nt a m gissing irl ou is ffend sa.a e polica camer creaptus the wmoment lhen a gittle iirls scdierov hedftours alver shees ta n kerjbe acaacker. sng for omeone awithimlzhe mer'seansi otam a lin of thgs. i sam hise.unshin
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. > >>'sherek a loo at datoy's ca fore sst inomeit ciesd aroun the coy.untr> >>hesweet reart, a you?okay me coe, her come here. >> anuq albuerqueic polfie ofcerfo eund this msing yethree--oarld rl gie safca but sredft aer her th mo cer'sasar wn stole with her deinsi. wa she ovs disc eeredunarly sday fnearlyurive hoers lat in a g parkinbolot aeeut thr miles ay awff t. oicer who found her is era fathf o e,thre elhimsf. >>l i'le b honest, i'm going to start crying i, was happyha t t er we wabe tle foind her. ol >> pe ice arstillhi searcng r foanthe mt thaou f cnd thear le and tfthe girl outth in e acoldll alone.> >>poto s rtsnow, the l nfis tt geosing cle toin makg aur retn l
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toanos s.geleon da mony thean s diego ar ch, gersanoaklded rai arsnd st s . louiilrams fed toat reloce .ato l f.or theta sfrt ot nex onseas. th e nflwn oersil wle vot on a po nttel iavemo next week. fopro- hotball basn'tlaeen pyed e sinc w1994henhe t rams and id rathers bot lef oum cavld hyne ln led the new gyorksiant towo tup sower bl ct vis.orie w he gon't cet aehanc at a th sughlin dteppedown. is in h 12rs yeait wh the tsgian, hl cougk in toothem tea to the ayplfsofe ninti s.meat e 69, hwas thees oldh t coac lin theead. incoughl has not saidhe wther hes wa tirering. > >> pthebuittsstrgh rseelee hav a ldwicarde datth with e nc ciinnatien bgals on syaturda t. nigh e they'rngtryima to iket to thesu owper bl0 5 onru feb 7aryth and tnlhe oacy ple to see the
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frfects ldom chi rtbih. ey thlu incvide pelryc inju, sc mule arte asnd crehildn.>> 't donge forutt abo s,bill o lotssf bill as well.sp oeakingatf th, apl cou oef us g willet aincquaitted wh that. re rant ideical nttripmeres a ki waatng up homeor fhe tir fst t time hisinmorng. githe wrlsorere bn laston m th inn,housto s.texa er yest tday,lehey ft the it hospal. r outohousn aiaffilte rtrepos. >> te reportr: mee theri har sgi rls. ad n,disoan savnahnd ags kinley wi arth pents in tow. y >> theersit the,he taky mhee t nosame tises,ohey dhe t same th ing. he>> tvey hair the own ualangge. r >>teeporomr: m d andtiad sll ta ikingllt a . in>> e we ar arpreped.we wa're y umoutnd >> te reporr: beoutnumred, tshank toe rar ialdentic letriptst tha darriveev s meral aonthsfter thect dod or tolomthe mas she wy onl nghavio. tw >> y the iweree n thsame pl taacen. e sh tknewwehey oire gngo tbe t aden cal.
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o ed t tthe ohoughtfav hing stwins,ehe camk bac to a sec ul outrasound a ceeple wks r.late wthat'shehen tto docriv delered tnewswahat res mo exunedpect. he>> sd saire the a wasrd thi e. on >> s she taid, whereheas t th ird.he mr art wen of herd hea and acwent bk. ini'm go wg, itl ilbe l wilbe . okay r >>teeporher: trey weor bn ten we eks pre.ematursp ment aonth ator memial he sormann t utheaseand aro set t go meho.ev hoen t tughheye havhe te sam . namere parents ang worki oner oth wa o ys thetell tm ap art.>> g weot ankle acbrs.elet l we wilcolorrd cooinate .themho llpefuhey, tn'y doett gix med up . he >> tes chanc of thapet hapning sa she l ys wilbe asar re as the tr iplets he rself. n>> ihoever t'dught ie hav
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an apd in j aan, bigis fh e thgwinninr biddehe was t owner a of o chainf shsui aurests.rant>> om> cuping er aftou yr laloc nnews ocb " ms this,"orning the le galeg stratyn itheas ce of sothe le-calffd azaluenn tees a he resmain jdaile in comexi. l we'leget th telast. > >>uspl,rs viewef otheet nflix g "makina rdmuerer h"avels detai a ofil kler. ol stympic ar loloon jes jo usins in st.udio ha>> t tt ishes "cbinmorng "news t forhis tuy.esda ksthan for tcwanghi.i' m amanne-grrie n.eeha
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